Advancing Sustainability and Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Image of wheat farm indicating regenerative agriculture practices

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Is your organization concerned about how to incorporate into its sustainability efforts food waste reduction strategies, plant-based alternatives, and plastic packaging? As clients work to ensure sustainability across their supply chains, they also want to know more about whether or how to invest in regenerative agriculture.  

Why the interest in regenerative agriculture?  

For a growing number of consumers, food and agriculture are front and center. Consumers want to know the source of their food and what’s in the food and the packaging. They want to know how their food is grown or raised. And they want to know their products’ impact on the environment.   

Consumers want to understand how brands are

  • protecting the environment.
  • restoring soil health.
  • keeping water clean.
  • encouraging biodiversity.

The food industry and our food clients are paying attention. To help, we

  • conduct landscape analyses to identify existing and emerging technology .
  • verify that supply chains comply with regenerative agriculture practices.
  • uncover consumer concerns and perspectives.  

Further, we ensure that clients understand consumers’ concerns, what regulators are proposing, what activists are saying, and where farmers want to see changes. Using these insights, our clients can define and prioritize their focus.  

Consumer interest in environmentally friendly agriculture is growing. So, too, is the regenerative agriculture movement. When your organization is ready to give substance to its sustainability practices—  including advancing regenerative agriculture—get in touch.    

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